Current Project
copywrite franklin and thomas 2011

Seafair / Bud Light / Hyperlight experience

This aerosol branding for Bud Light was for Seattle Seafair's Hyperlight / Bud Light experience.  It was especially fun to paint the splashing water...something new and challenging. Thanks to Rezin Sports Marketing for hooking it up!

Goodman Racing BMW 325i

This racing paint job was for Goodman racing.  This job was really fun because they let us do what ever we wanted.  We took the typical busyness of a race paint job and flipped it, Franklin and Thomas style!  We really liked the way the paint looks like its peeling off to reveal a checkered flag.  Thanks guys!


This was a project started in September 2010, and ended in October 2010.  The wall itself is a dedication to all young and "emerging" artists in Seattle.  the wording on the right says: "Against strong currents we move forward together."  Thanks for all the donations that made this wall possible.  Emerge is located at 2nd and Yesler, Seattle. Special thanks to Rick read, Joey Nix, Jen Vertz, and Lisa Dixon. 

Cobra Lounge: Tacoma

This is our third Cobra lounge mural located in tacoma, WA.
Our goal was to completely freestyle the whole concept and then hand cut wood shapes, then float mount them in different angles to create more of a designed  fine art installation.  There is roughly 6 layers of imagery, some angled over others to create forced depth and texture.  Other parts are painted directly to the wall surface.  This was a great opportunity to get wild, and we can not wait to do this style again! Thanks Cobra Lounge!


Golazo Energy

This piece is another example of a freestyle expression created on site.  Golazo  Energy represents the game of soccer and has a great passion for it.  we took that idea and passion and
combined it with Golazo/Sounder FC posters wheat pasted with spray painted portrait action shots, design and letter elements. In addition we brushed acrylic elements live at the launch event. See more at: